Property Clearing

Do you have property that needs to be cleared?  Give Robinsnest a call!

Common reasons property owners want or need their property cleared:

  • Cleanup of Blowdowns (trees that have blown down by wind)
  • Creating pastureland
  • Create open space (lawns, yards, parks)
  • Enhance views
  • Blackberry (Argg!) Cane Removal
  • Good land stewardship (keeping property clean or pristine)

Below are some photos of some of the property clearing work I have done for my clients.

Here is a testimonial from one of my clients:

We hired Robinsnest Services (Jason McGee) to do some property clearing for us.  We had some blow downs that we needed to get prepped for sale and pickup by logger.  We also had an old mobile home on the property that was an eyesore that we wanted removed.  Jason provided he demolition for that as well.

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